About Us

The Idea

INDIGO APPAREL is a social brand created with the simple idea of taking things slow. We believe in the power of a slow journey through life, and are inspired by appreciation for the little things. We understand that the clothing you wear represents who you are and what you care about.


Our Values

We believe in the value of good design while preserving the Earth. Developed in 2013 by Jackii Ramis, we got our start as a women's athleisure brand offering only three styles of hand- dyed, organic bamboo leggings. Now, we offer a full line of high quality basics with a twist.

Great design means making something memorable and meaningful. Our basics and everyday-wear are crafted from luxury textiles. Eco fashion should NEVER be boring.

Our products are 100% handmade and each style we offer meets at least two of the following features: 

  • Organic

  • Vegan

  • Bamboo

  • Low Impact

  • Made in the U.S.A

  • Second Life




Made In The U.S.A.

The word "eco-fashion" can mean a lot of different things. To us, it means ethical treatment of workers and maintaining jobs in the USA. It also means low waste, organic and non-toxic textiles. Who wants to wear toxic clothes?

Our Zero Waste Initiative seeks out designers of all kinds, and works with them to pass along unused fabric pieces and scraps to give the textiles a second life. This is an ongoing collaboration with multiple designers.  From 2015-2017, we threw out less than 3lbs. of fabric waste. From 2017 until now, we have trashed less than 1 lb! Find out more about our Zero Waste Initiative